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1120lestouchastride542 games won
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1105proprietor482 games won
1080patrolling432 games won
1045yearningly380 games won
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998sickness355 games won
990heavenly342 games won
975amongst339 games won
964sugary330 games won
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Engage in pulse-pounding team battles, where strategy and coordination determine victory. Form alliances, outsmart opponents, and conquer the leaderboard. Immerse yourself in intense firefights across varied maps like Old Factory, Mansion, and War House. Each kill contributes to the team score, fostering fierce competition and adrenaline-fueled moments.
The Deathmatch mode in games is one of the most popular formats in the shooter or action genres. In this mode, players or teams face off against each other with the primary objective of eliminating or 'killing' opponents. Unlike other game modes like Capture the Flag or Team Deathmatch, in Deathmatch, there are no secondary objectives other than eliminating opponents.
Immerse yourself in the epic Conquest mode, a battle for territorial dominance! Teams clash in a dynamic struggle to capture and control key points across sprawling maps. Cooperation is key as players strategize, capture, and defend territories, influencing the tide of battle. Conquest introduces a strategic layer to the Metastrike experience, where skillful coordination leads to triumph.
Metastrike is a team made up of members with a strong passion for both gaming and blockchain, rich experience in virtual art, game development and design through 10 years of developing games with partners like Ubisoft (Hungry Dragon), Square Enix (Final Fantasy), and more.

We do believe that blockchain games will be the next big thing and revolutionizing the game industry

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